Nappy Change bag for the on the go parent. Ideal gift.

About Us

Pipsqueak Designs Australia started back in 1997 when two mums designed a bag that meet all their needs for a Nappy Change Bag for their first born.  Following high praise from many friends and family and the increasing demand from other mums for the same bag, the initial idea to sell the bags commercially was formed. Shortly after the business was launched, bags were manufactured in regional NSW and sold at local markets, through word of mouth and eventually over the internet.  With a commitment to product development, service and quality the business steadily grew.

We personally came into the story in 2002 with the birth of our first child and receiving the Pipsqueak Baby Swag as a gift from a close friend.  We loved the Swag so much, and found it to be the most practical item we had of all the products that you need when a new baby joins the family.  Looking for a business opportunity we could not look past the Swag and as it has been said before ‘we loved the product so much we bought the business’

With continued product development and improvements the business has continued to develop and grow having recently started to import Australian designed bags to offer a complete range to our customers.  Other products have also been added to the range such as wraps, bibs and face washers that all complement the baby accessory range of items

Like you, we prefer to buy Australian, and therefore we continue to offer the only fully Australian made Nappy Change Bag (the original) on the market.  We are confident that this bag will become an indispensable part of your - going out with baby - ritual and shortly your baby will soon learn that your Pipsqueak Baby Swag is his / her own bag and will lie down on the bag once you have opened it, just like both our kids have.

The Swag is not the only important thing we offer, we also feel that the service you receive is just as important.  We strive to make your purchasing of our product easy and enjoyable.  That is why we offer express delivery, gift wrapping and gift filling if required as well as a personal touch to all our sales.

We hope that in purchasing one of our exclusive swags you will also feel as passionately about this product as we do and as many of our previous customers do, which has lead to our success through positive word of mouth and the strong referrals we have received. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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