Nappy Change bag for the on the go parent. Ideal gift.


Original Baby Swag on back of a pram

What is the difference between the ‘Original’ and the ‘Ultimate’?  
The ‘Original’ is a 100% Australian made bag, where as the ‘Ultimate’ is Australian Designed but made overseas.  

The ‘Ultimate’ has some extra features such as:
1. Two tone fabric on the outside
2. Press studs to hold the towel down instead of Velcro such as on the ‘Original’
3. Mesh pockets to see what is in the front pockets
4. Zippered section for spare towel
5. Insulated pocket to store hot or cold drinks and food
6. Shoulder strap padding and mobile phone holder
7. Metal clips on the shoulder straps.

The ‘Original’ features are:
a. 100% cotton fabric on the inside to provide extra comfort and colour.
b. Single tone waterproof exterior fabric
c. Detachable waterproof undersheet to help protect the swag
d. Custom made option is available with this swag

Why is the ‘Ultimate’ cheaper but it has more features?  
The ‘Ultimate’ is cheaper simply because manufacturing costs overseas are much lower, having said that the quality is still of the highest standard.  The ‘Original’ is 100% Australian made and therefore because of the higher costs we have been forced to price it at a level where we can continue to offer it to our customers.

What comes with/in the Swag?  
Each swag comes with a second hand towel.  This second towel acts as a back up system to the first towel that is used in the swag.  When this towel is dirty or in the wash the second towel can be used.  Alternatively the second towel can also be used as a burping towel etc.  Extra hand towels can also be purchased if required.  An under sheet is also provided with the ‘Original’ Swag as this protects the cotton fabric from getting dirty should there be any little accidents.

How much can the Swag hold?  
Both Swags can hold a great deal.  A rough indication would be that the Swag could hold 8 nappies (large size), a pack of travel wipes, a tube of cream, a small toy, change of clothes (i.e. shirt and pants and small jumper) and a babies milk bottle or food container.  There is of course still room for your phone, keys, wallet & sunglasses etc.  The front straps on the Swag have extra length in the strap so you can always let them out if you need to carry a large amount (extra nappies and third change of clothes) or if you are away for an extended period.  However one of the practical features of the Swag is that it helps you get organised and reduces what you carry.

Do you have accessories (i.e. bibs, face washers etc) that match the new ‘Ultimate’ range? 
We currently have extra hand towels that match the new ‘Ultimate’ range.  If extra bibs and face washers are required with the ‘Ultimate’ range, then I suggest ordering Blue or Black gingham bibs and face washers that will go with either the Navy/Black or the Grey/Black fabric of the ‘Ultimate’ range.

What fabric choices do you offer?  
In the ‘Original’ range we have 6 fabric choices (Navy Gingham, Black Gingham, Pink Checks and a Baby Dinosaurs print with either Navy, Pink or Lime background) as internal 100% cotton fabric with either Navy or Black Nylon waterproof fabric as the exterior.  The ‘Ultimate’ range has only the Black internal fabric but has a two tone Nylon fabric on the exterior (Navy and Black two tone & Grey and Black two tone Fabric)

Can I pay by any other method, instead of Credit Card over the internet?  
Yes we are happy to accept payment by, direct deposit, personal cheque or money order.  Please use our online order form when you get to the payment options select check or money order. You can also send payment by credit card over the fax, telephone or mail if you are uncomfortable with sending your credit card details over the internet.

Is the Swag able to be washed?  
Yes the Swag can be either hand washed or even machine washed.  Just separate the towels and under sheet from the Swag, wash in cold water.  Dry flat in a shady area.

How quickly can you deliver?  
Delivery is done within 7 days of placing your order depending on availability (especially on the ‘Original’s”).  If you require your order urgently, please place your order and advise us in the Special Comments section that you require the order urgently.  We will contact you to confirm if we are able to meet your deadline.  Alternatively call us on 1800 058 000 or +61 2 438 007 188 and ask us if we are able to get it to you by the time required.  Usual delivery times are 2 – 4 days for an order to be delivered in Australia and 7 - 10 days for delivery internationally.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?  
Yes we are confident our product will meet your needs and is of very high quality.  However if you do wish to return the Swag we will return your money (less postage costs).  It is your responsibility to ensure the goods are adequately packaged to ensure that they are not damaged during return transit.

Except where required by law, all returned products must be:
1. Unused and in original condition 
2. Undamaged 
3. Returned within 30 days of delivery 
4. In a saleable condition upon return

What is the size of the Swag?  
The swag weighs approximately 1 kilogram empty (approximately 2 kilograms when filled with your requirements) and is approximately 420mm wide by 320mm high.

How long does it take to get a custom made swag made up and how much fabric do I need to supply?  
Custom made Swags generally take 2 weeks to get produced, plus 1 week to get to us.  Including postage please allow 3.5 - 4 weeks from time you post your fabric before it arrives back to you.  We require 2 meters of fabric to complete a custom make swag (this assumes that you want the waterproof nylon fabric we provide as the exterior fabric, please indicate which colour exterior you require, Navy or Black)

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